Jackie Hubbard

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Here's a little info about me! I bought my first DSLR in college and that is when I fell in love with photography. I graduated, married an army man and moved to Anchorage, Alaska for about 3 1/2 years. Since then I've lived in 3 other places and am now living in Wisconsin. Along the way I became a self-taught photographer, who loves traveling, spending time outdoors, trying new things and loves capturing moments that should be remembered for the rest of time.

Not all the places I've lived have been glamorous or exciting, but I make a point to go out and find the exciting. No matter where I am, I wander and roam and find beauty in it all. I've walked on glaciers in Alaska. I've seen city sunsets in Ohio. I've had a bear climb on my jeep in the Yukon. I've roamed the Redwood Forest. I've been awed by the vastness of the Grand Canyon. I've woken up to the waves of the sea after camping on the gulf sand in Louisiana. I've danced under the falling colored leaves of autumn in Wisconsin. Because of this life, I've gotten to see many places and capture memories through the camera lens. I love sharing my photos with you and the world and having a business that fuels my passion that can move with me...wherever that may be.

Please check out my Nature & Landscape Galleries, browse photos, buy prints and follow me on Instagram: @jackiehubbardphotography

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